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Personalized care, right at home. The trusted home health choice for you.

Personalized care, right at home. The trusted home health choice for you.





Fast, Safe, Gentle

Clinically Proven: Developed with cutting-edge science, ensuring you get fast, effective relief.

Safe & Gentle: Over the counter maximum efficacy with no harsh chemicals, making it safe for regular use.

Cost-Effective: Our pricing ensures you get premium pain relief and cold sore treatment in 1 product, without the premium price.

Supportive Community: Join our family of satisfied users who've found their solution to pain relief and fast treatment.

Expert-Endorsed: Recommended by doctors, dentists, and pharmacists for its fast-acting, long-lasting relief.


Transforming Treatment

Patented Formula

Experience unparalleled treatment with our patented formula, designed to control pain, plus it treats sores quickly and effectively. Ideal for those seeking a powerful, scientifically-backed solution for comprehensive relief and recovery. Trust in innovation for your health.

Our Mission

Pagari Life Science’s mission is to bring a new advanced form of anti-herpetic viral drugs and advanced treatment drugs that target viral deactivation, healing, and pain control. The platform targets pain and healing through safe, non-addictive, and effective therapeutics.

Over the Counter Treatment

Helocaine® is a leading over-the-counter solution for cold sores, offering rapid relief and treatment within 24 hours. Proven pain relief, ensuring fast and efficient treatment without a prescription.

Beach Town

Step 1

  • First you will notice the smooth soothing cooling effect and peppermint flavor.

  • Immediately following, our deep penetrating pain relief will start.

Step 2

  • Cold sore treatment also starts quickly upon application.

  • Our patented formula forms an invisible protective barrier which also aids in the healing process and promotes a quick response.

Step 3

  • On average we treat cold sores in half the time of the leading brand.

  • To get effective cold sore treatment and pain relief, the leading brand needs two separate products, our unique formula provides a 2 for 1 knock out punch.

How It Works

Our team of professionals

Dr. Talya Sulami

Head of clinic

Dr. Tom Chie

Family doctor

George Mekler 


Elinor Jonas

Speech therapist

Lee Levin

Hospice nurse

Shaya Raviv


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